How to Learn Web Design Fast
Designing a website has become an easy undertaking due to the advent of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web-design tools like Microsoft’s Front Page. Unfortunately, there are some instances where learning how to design a website without any design tools is required. In these situations, such as a potential client that requires your use of coding in HTML only for security reasons, learning how to design a website fast is a necessity.


  1. Set aside an hour from your day to learn the basics of web design. Doing this will make it possible for you to learn fast while retaining what you have learned. Though it is possible to learn the basics of web design in one day, it’s advised to take at least one week to learn the basics, then continue on to other specifications like learning flash, style sheets and other needed skills.
  2. Go to This website offers a multitude of web-design tutorials that are informative, full of real-world sample designs to learn from and is–most importantly–free.
  3. Select a tutorial from the list of videos and articles that teach the design basics. Select the main “Web Building” link located on the main website, then choose the link titled “HTML Tutorial” to continue on to the HTML-learning module.
  4. Make a sample website using a simple notepad editor to gauge what you have learned. You have now learned how to design a website quickly and easily.